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During the acquisition of an existing business, a basic financial due diligence is no longer sufficient; rather, a total due diligence is required. In addition, total due diligence includes investigative due diligence, which is becoming more commonplace in Asia following a number of accounting and governance related breaches.


Conventional auditors generally fail to detect such intentional misrepresentation as their focus is not on detection of fraud manipulation but to provide an assurance.  Moreover, intentional fraud is mostly well planned and concealed to ensure that it is not detected though normal audit procedure.  Hence, it is very important to ascertain that results are free from any possible deceptive operating results.  Our micro level analysis, in-depth examination and investigative techniques have helped a number of our clients to avoid post takeover surprises and disputed escrow accounts.


All organizations are subjected to fraud risks and are required to complete a fraud risk assessment for their organization at regular intervals to minimize this risk. A need for regular fraud risk assessment is necessary for Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Contracting and Purchasing, as information technology play a significant impact on fraud risk due to inherent limitation of internal control.


In the past, we have provided valuable guidance by identifying areas where modifications were needed to meet the needs and complexities of organizations. This has helped business enterprises identify areas where fraud may occur and identify the likely perpetrator. Our reviews and assessments have also identified the possibility of collusive fraud.  Since collusion negates the control effectiveness of segregation of duties, it is essential to have detective controls augmented with preventive control.


Our professional reviews and risk assessment questions include:

• How one can exploit weaknesses in

  the system of controls

• How could a perpetrator override

  or circumvent controls

• What a perpetrator can do to conceal

  his misdeed and how long can it

  remain undetected


With this in mind, a fraud risk assessment is done to identify the area where preventive measures are needed to avoid surprises.

We have been engaged to investigate and establish a number of disputed claims recommended either by the reinsurer or by the insured themselves.  Our detailed findings have been well accepted by the insurance company in totality and have helped to expedite the payment of the claim without negotiation.  Material damage, loss of profit and claim assessment is our core expertise.  Our investigative and forensic findings prove to establish the claim beyond reasonable doubt.

retrieval of lost

files or data



analysing digital evidence

Various tools and techniques have enabled us to have over 92% successful recovery from software/firmware which were lost accidently or by design. Our efficient and friendly service will keep you constantly aware of what is happening and updated with the progress of work. Our incident response team is always ready to provide immediate onsite service within 6 hours.

As the name implies, digital forensic experts reconstruct and analyse digital information to aid in investigations and solve computer-related crimes. They look into incidents of hacking, trace sources of computer attacks, and recover lost or stolen data.


In the current digital age, the possibilities of misusing technology to hide evidence are rising at a phenomenal rate. Where 90% of an organization’s information is stored on computers, it creates a vulnerability that can be easily taken advantage of.


Digital forensics sets out to identify such acts of theft or concealment and retrieve lost or stolen data. Digital evidence is fragile and can be easily tampered with, thus securing the company’s information should be one of the foremost concerns of any organization. Where the courts now accept digital evidence and the cyber expert’s testimony, the efficiency and diligence of the forensic accountant should be held in very high regard.


At Alliance IFA, we provide only the best to detect discrepancies and retrieve lost or stolen data and ensure the organization’s future protection against similar threats.

Digital evidence is being employed effectively in all types of litigation. From hostile work environment issues, criminal defence cases, intellectual property matters, financial fraud to family law practices. Mostly all matters of litigation benefit from the services of a digital forensics examiner.


Information that have been produced by us in few recent cases as digital evidence:

• Confidential files which were hidden,

  deleted, and password protected

• Email/Chat confirmed confidential

  files transfer, confidential


• Internet browsing history and habits

  allowed us to have details of online

  banking transactions and online



In recent months, we have successfully obtained vital information and detected emails through mobile forensics which confirmed the involvement of the suspect and networking used for wrong doing.